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Who Are We?

Put simply, we are here to give you options and technology you've never had before.

Since 1909 when Hiram Maxim patented the first silencer, technology has basically stayed the same. There have been refinements on the same design including better metallurgy, better welding, and machines like a CNC added to the mix, but overall there's been no jumps. We're here to make some breakthroughs.

Replicator started with a love of suppressors and science. Utilizing material scientists, additive manufacturing (sometimes referred to as 3D printing), advanced knowledge gained over decades from university and government research, we could do something new. By combining all of that into 3D design and simulation, we are able to bring you cutting edge products that the world hasn't seen until now.

In development for years, Replicator is now bringing you the most customizable and advanced suppressors ever made. Unlike many other manufacturers, we do all manufacturing and metals testing in-house. Combined with specialized materials that are lighter and more than twice as strong at operating temperatures, we are able to bring you the best silencers money can buy.

If you want to learn more about our process, visit our technology page.

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