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First, we started with design. Traditional suppressors have a lot of backpressure. This isn’t a problem in bolt-style rifles, but every other type of firearm will have negative effects from increased backpressure. The first thing shooters notice is gas in the face, but it also affects recoil, cyclic rate, chambering, reliability, and overall longevity. Our designs targeted reduced backpressure so much your gas system won't even know it's there.

Next, we targeted materials. There are a lot of good materials out there, but there's a reason that Inconel is the top - its strength and corrosion resistance are unmatched. That's probably why it's used in bell housings, nuclear reactors, turbines, and in some high-end suppressors. Not only did we choose Inconel, we choose additive manufactured Inconel with a proprietary ceramic additive, developed in conjunction and procured from the material scientists at Elementum 3D. This material has more than twice the strength of regular Inconel at most temperatures.

Throw in a new style of manufacturing: printing. Yes, we print our suppressors. Additive manufacturing is exploding right now, and we are seeing whole industries move to it because of the consistency and material choices, as well as the capability to make forms and designs not possible with reductive manufacturing. Combined with 3D design and simulation, we are able to bring you designs that would be unthinkable only a few years ago. Printing allows us to give you one-piece designs that aren't welded or glued together - welcome to the best-constructed suppressor out there.

Finally, testing. Quality Control is an emphasis for Replicator. We manufacture completely in-house, which includes a full machine shop as well as advanced metals testing. Most suppressor manufacturers don't do multiple tests per run - we do. The ability to control the entire process, including testing every print, is unparalleled.

The best for your money means keeping apace with the best technology. It means durability and reliability. It means Replicator.

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